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#ilovemywife podcast is…
An entertainment podcast with married couple Kelli and Anne. One is a travel expert and the other is a singer/songwriter. They travel the world and have lots of exciting things to talk about but also have a family and spend most of the time being gay suburban moms in New Jersey. They will have weekly guests from the worlds of comedy, music, theater, and politics. So gear up for an hour of travel, concerts, kids, incredible guests and cocktailing!

Jun 18, 2020

Join Kelli and Anne for their 126th NEW episode!

They begin this episode by talking about the new SCOTUS ruling that says that LGBTQ workers cannot be fired or otherwise discriminated against simply for being LGBTQ. It’s a long time coming, and there is so much more work to do, but it’s a start and something positive to focus on in this very difficult time in our world. Next they talk about going to the Drive-In Movie and moving into Phase 2 in New York and New Jersey. Finally hear all about Anne’s new TikTok obsession. Follow her at @theannesteele

Their Special Guest today is Jacqui Squatriglia, choreographer and owner of Flaming Saddles, an amazing country and western gay bar that not only plays country music, but has super hot and talented dancers on the bar! She has locations in Hell’s Kitchen in NYC and West Hollywood in Los Angeles. Hear about how she grew up as a dancer, became a bartender at Coyote Ugly and choreographed all the bar top dances, what it felt like to have that turn into a major motion picture and reality show and expand to so many locations and then what inspired her to leave and create her own brand. Lastly hear how they are managing during this covid crisis and what comes next. Go to for more details.

As always, they end with a cocktail from Equality Vodka.This week, in honor of Jacqui, they are serving The Cowboy Cooler!