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#ilovemywife podcast is…
An entertainment podcast with married couple Kelli and Anne. One is a travel expert and the other is a singer/songwriter. They travel the world and have lots of exciting things to talk about but also have a family and spend most of the time being gay suburban moms in New Jersey. They will have weekly guests from the worlds of comedy, music, theater, and politics. So gear up for an hour of travel, concerts, kids, incredible guests and cocktailing!

Sep 24, 2020

Join Kelli and Anne for their 138th NEW episode!

They begin this episode by talking about the sad loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  What an incredible woman who gave so much to our country and changed the world in so many ways. They talk about missing her strength and commitment to justice and fearing what comes next. 

Their special guest today is multi award winning pianist, composer singer & Musical Director William TN Hall. He is also a very dear friend to both Anne and Kelli. This is the first time that they have interviewed someone for the podcast IN PERSON since March so this is a super fun and hilarious interview. Hear all about Will growing up in the UK, coming to America for college and deciding to stay and work really hard to earn his green card. He also chats about beginning as a Musical Director in NYC and working his way up to working with incredible artists like Joan Rivers! Will and Anne have been touring together for the past couple of years so they also laugh about stories from the road PLUS working on the new Anne Steele LIVE on the lawn concerts every Sunday. Will is also doing virtual piano bars every Friday night on his FB & Twitter PLUS he is working on a brand new holiday album. Follow him on social media @williamtnhall to stay up to date with all he has coming up!
As always, they end with a cocktail from Equality Vodka. This week they are serving The Play It Again!