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#ilovemywife podcast is…
An entertainment podcast with married couple Kelli and Anne. One is a travel expert and the other is a singer/songwriter. They travel the world and have lots of exciting things to talk about but also have a family and spend most of the time being gay suburban moms in New Jersey. They will have weekly guests from the worlds of comedy, music, theater, and politics. So gear up for an hour of travel, concerts, kids, incredible guests and cocktailing!

Mar 25, 2021

Join Kelli and Anne for their 160th NEW episode!

They begin this episode by talking about their recent trip to La Samana, a Belmond Hotel in St Martin. Hear about all the incredibly impressive safety protocols (including covid testing before you arrive and when you leave) they experienced by Delta Airlines, the island of St Martin and the hotel itself. They chat about the gorgeous property, the food, the experiences like a private wine tasting and so much more. Mostly they were impressed by the warmth of the staff. It is truly amazing what a little sunshine can do for the soul. For more information about visiting La Samana or St Martin in general, you can email or visit 

Their special guests today are Micah Porter & Brandan Rader, a super interesting couple that they met when they all guested on Esera Tuaolo’s Valentine’s Day podcast. They both have super unique careers and after hearing their story that day, Anne & Kelli thought they would be a great feature for the show! First they chat about how they have been holding up as a couple over the last year. Next Micah talks about his career as an educator and now administrator at a school in Denver and how challenging it has been over the past year to work in education with the pandemic. He also chats about his commitment to creating greater educational access to under-resourced students and how he is an advocate for greater inclusion for LGBTQ+ teen and youth athletes. Next they talk to Brandan about his career as a matchmaker and lifestyle/love expert. Hear how he started as a behavioral psychologist and how he was drawn to helping people find their true selves and then eventually finding the right match for them. He also has been working with couples during this past year to help them navigate this difficult time together. Find out more about both of them at and follow Brandan on instagram @Heart.Rader 

As always, they end with a cocktail from Equality Vodka. This week they are serving Blue Seas!