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#ilovemywife podcast is…
An entertainment podcast with married couple Kelli and Anne. One is a travel expert and the other is a singer/songwriter. They travel the world and have lots of exciting things to talk about but also have a family and spend most of the time being gay suburban moms in New Jersey. They will have weekly guests from the worlds of comedy, music, theater, and politics. So gear up for an hour of travel, concerts, kids, incredible guests and cocktailing!

Aug 26, 2021

Join Kelli and Anne for their 181st NEW episode!

They begin this episode by talking about Kelli’s company, R Family Vacations' recent family trip to Wonder Valley Ranch in Sanger, CA and how much fun they had being sporty with all of the families! Plus looking forward to next year’s summer cruise to Alaska! For more info go to

Their special guest today is Nurse Amy O’Sullivan. She is an old friend of Kelli’s from growing up in Baton Rouge and it was a real pleasure for them to reconnect. Amy has been a nurse for 28 years, the last 19 at the emergency room of Brooklyn’s Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. It was there in the spring of 2020, Amy treated New York City’s first Covid-19 patient. She soon became ill with a serious case of Covid herself. She spent several days on a ventilator.. As soon as she recovered she returned to the frontlines to treat thousands of others, which to this day, includes many still suffering from Covid-19. Amy and her wife, Tiffany Latz, who is also a nurse, live in Staten Island with their three daughters, Ocean, Kālī, and Summer. Amy was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people and Matell created a line of Barbie dolls honoring frontline workers and Amy is one of them! To find out more about Amy and what comes next, including an upcoming documentary about her work and her life, go to and follow her on socials @nurseamyosullivan.